Finding a Missing Freeholder
We offer a tracing service to find absent or missing freeholders. We have 20 years plus experience of finding people and property research and will leave no stone unturned in the process. We have developed information sources and research techniques that are specific to the uniquely and sometimes very difficult nature of missing freeholder research.

Are they really missing or how missing are they?
A lot of the time, the so-called ‘missing’ freeholder is not really missing at all and can be found, either by a bit of investigation, or by searches. If this happens then the claim and negotiations can proceed in the usual way.

If the freehold is held by someone who is an undischarged bankrupt, or is in the name of a company in liquidation or administration then it may be possible to serve a notice on the trustee in bankruptcy, or the administrator of the company.Where the freeholder has died, then, if there is a will, the executors will be obliged to deal with the claim.

In the case of intestacy (no will) our strength lies in being able to navigate intricate family trees to find the beneficial owner of the freehold and arrange with our Legal partners for letters of administration to be put in place and the transaction completed at no cost to the Leaseholder.

It is true to say that often freeholders are impossible to find or can take a long time to find. Perhaps the freeholders name is very common and contacting every John Smith in the UK is not a viable option. We can offer a comprehensive and detailed research report outlining all steps taken. This report will be suitable for a vesting order procedure and subsequent First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) tribunal.