Missing Freeholders

Can’t locate a freeholder? We can help. We provide leaseholders and property professionals with a solution for any absent freeholder problems.

Missing Freeholders

What we do

Do you have a missing freeholder? We have solutions for even the most complex cases, and we can offer a comprehensive and detailed research report outlining all steps taken. 

Not only that - our report will be suitable for a vesting order procedure and First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) tribunal.

What’s more, we offer no obligation first consultation where we can talk you through our research services and advice, free of charge.

Grafton Freehold Research specialises in finding individuals

We have access to various databases and investigative techniques that help in finding missing freeholders.

What should I do if I am buying or selling a property with a missing freeholder and a short lease?

If you are purchasing a property with a short lease then any claim to an extended lease started by the seller can normally be assigned to the purchaser as part of the conveyancing process.

Call us today so that we can talk you through the best options, in a no obligation and totally free first consultation.

What if the freeholder is missing?

With a missing freeholder the process is likely to be much trickier – and subject to some fairly significant delays – if it is not already well under way by the time you make your offer to purchase the flat. This is because to be able to initiate a claim in the County Court, various preliminary steps need to be dealt with such as obtaining a private investigators’ report and placing a ‘statutory advert’ in the London Gazette and also the press local to where the property is located.

Mortgage issues

Getting a mortgage on a property may be difficult when a freeholder is missing. Many lenders like to know that the freeholder is present because certain terms of the lease are difficult to enforce without knowledge of who or where the freeholder is.

We have the solutions to all of these scenarios, and more

We work side by side with Solicitors and Surveyors providing quick and detailed missing freeholder research reports. We offer a free freeholder research and advice service to leaseholders with long term absent freeholders.

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