Grafton Freeholder Research is a premier, expert service in the field of missing freeholders. Let us help you, help your clients, and get a solution for cases of absent landlords or missing freeholders.


Are you a solicitor?

Knowing how to contact a client’s freeholder ensures that issues around length of lease and mortgaging the leasehold property, can be dealt with.

Are your clients trying to locate the freeholder of their property?

This can be for many reasons such as lease extensions, building management or refinancing. Often, leaseholders may never have heard from their freeholder, or all they have is a name. 

How can Grafton help in this situation?

We understand the need for speed and efficiency in dealing with these cases and can offer a very detailed report that will outline all steps taken to locate the freeholder. We can get this report back to you within 48 hours, usually sooner. For positive trace results our fee is not payable until the freeholder has made contact with you.

Our work is second to none. Why not give us a try?

Rest assured that our detailed reports, which can also include witness statements, are in depth enough for use under Vesting Order procedures and first-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) tribunals.

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