Missing freeholders and absent landlords can prove a real headache in the conveyancing process. We want to make life easier for your clients and leaseholders, and we can provide solutions for all your missing freeholder issues. Don’t forget, your first consultation is always free.


We know that surveyors are often the first port of call for clients with absent or missing freeholders

Many surveyors provide assistance to leaseholders who want to extend their lease, and are usually the first port of call for the leaseholder with a short lease.

Absent or missing freeholders have other duties under the terms of the lease

These include insuring the building, repairs and sorting out disputes between other leaseholders. Without an active freeholder, it is next to impossible to ensure their obligations are being met.

Are you working with a leaseholder or a buyer?

If the lease falls under 80 years and the leaseholder or buyer wants to extend it or perhaps purchase the freehold, we can help to locate, or establish the absence of a freeholder, for the courts or other institutions. Our detailed reports will be suitable for a Vesting Order case and we can also provide a witness statement of all research steps taken

What else does your client need the freeholder for?

Depending on the conditions of the lease, they may also need to get his or her permission if they want to make significant alterations to their home.

Finding a missing freeholder

We offer a tracing service to find absent or missing freeholders. We have 20 years plus experience of finding people and our expertise in property research means that we will leave no stone unturned in the process. We have developed information sources and research techniques that are specific to the uniquely and sometimes very difficult nature of missing freeholder research.

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